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 - In memory of the twentieth year of her artistic career, Ercetin has added a new one to her commemorative albums she prepared within five years, in the form of "turkus" and Turkish classical songs, a genre of music that she loves to listen and sing. On the 25th of November 2015, her fourth album “Ah Bu Şarkıların Gözü Kör Olsun” was realized for its listeners. Erçetin who prefers, in her preceding albums, modern and contemporary arrangements of traditional Turkish songs and "turkus", she opts this time for a more faithful interpretation of their authentic form.


- Candan Erçetin's 7th album "Millions of Birds We Were..."  hit the selves on 3 June 2013, Monday. The record consists of 15 songs, lyrics and music written by Candan Erçetin, including "Millions of Birds We Were..." which takes its story and name from the Legend of the Phoenix.  In the lyrics, there is a resemblance between millions of birds which according to the legend flew after holy Phoenix who lives on mount Kaf but could not even reach half way with the story of today's people losing their way falling into earthly traps such as ambition, greed and jealousy. Candan Erçetin began working on the album in the summer 2011. She wrote  lyrics of 5 songs, and lyrics and music of 6. 8 months of production process was followed by 12 months' studio production. In this record, again Alper Erinç worked as the musical producer and Aylin Atalay and Sinan also inspired Candan Erçetin with their lyrics. 


- "Aranjman 2011" which was especially prepared by Candan Erçetin for the 15th year of her professional music career met its audience. The record consists of 14 songs which were known and loved with French lyrics and then adapted to Turkish.  Candan Erçetin performed the songs with half French, half Turkish lyrics. 


- While working on the album, she also took on the assignment of executive producer and music directof the movie “Kaptan Feza” which is released in January.


- She has scored the music of the movie “The Shadowless”, which is adapted from Hasan Ali Toptaş’s novel. She was also the executive producer of the movie.
- Candan Erçetin has released the album “Kırık Kalpler Duragında” in December, consisting of 16 songs.

- Presently, as well as continuing her stage performances, since 2009 she teaches at Galatasary University.


- Between March – June 2008, she hosted a live music performance programme as 50 chapters on TRT1 called “Candan Erçetin’le Beraber ve Solo Şarkılar”.


- In the first half of the year she played in the musical called called "Yıldızların Altında" which was about old Turkish movies, co-starring with Beyazıt Öztürk, Rasim Öztekin, Ragıp Savaş, Nurhan Damcıoğlu and Orhan Aydın.

- In July, a new remix album of "Remix'5" was released, which included 9 remix versions of 6 songs from "Melek" and a new song called "Sevdim Anladım" adapted from the "Les Choristes" soundtrack "Vois Sur ton chemin".

- The same year, in December, at her 10th year in music career, she released an album called "Aman Doktor". The album consists of Turkish-Greek common old melodies, sang in both languages.


- In June, her album named "Melek" was released.


- In January, the album "Candan chante hier pour aujourd'hui" was released, in which she sang French chansons with new musical arangements.

- Again, she released a "Remix" album including remix versions of the songs "Neden" and a new song named "Yazık Oldu" . The song was from the soundtrack of Gori Varta film, which one was a Bosnia, Austria, Turkey corporate production.


- In May, her 4th album titled "Neden" was released including mostly her own compositions and lyrics.


- In August limited edition remix album titled "Unut Sevme" with artist's autograph on each booklet was released.

- Between May and September, she went on 20 concert Anatolia tour which included most of the Eastern cities.

- In May she began to host a weekly broadcasted TV show named "Günlük Hayat" at the news channel NTV f13 weeks.


- In January her 3rd album "ELBETTE" was released and it became the best selling album of the year.

- Between May and September 2001 she made a summer tour including 8 concerts.


- In May she gave a concert in Bremen Glocke Concert Hall and in June she gave solo concerts in Frankfurt and Morocco.


- In June she gave a premier concert of 2nd Bosphorus Festival with the Cemal Reşit Rey Symphony Orchestra at the Open Air Theatre in İstanbul.

- In August her remix EP "Oyalama Artık" was released.

- In October her video clip "Her Aşk Bitermiş" won the French music channel MCM's "Best Direction" award in II. Mediterranean Video Music Awards.



- In July she released her 2nd Album titled "Çapkın" comprised of ethnic music and her own compositions. The song "Yalan" from this album won the İstanbul FM "The Most Requested Song" award.

- In autumn she gave two concerts in Holland, one in Utrecht Tivdi and the other one at Amsterdam Paradiso Concert Hall.


- In July, she released her best selling single EP "SEVDİM SEVİLMEDİM" being the first Turkish remix album.


- She hosted a talk show called "Randevu" fthe music channel Number One five days a week at prime time f65 programs in a row.

- In August, she completed her first solo album "Hazırım" comprised of Thracean and Macedonian themes where the singer's origin is. In the same year, she received an award from Alem FM music channel fher album being one of the best selling Turkish pop albums of the year.


- She hosted a TV Magazine programme called "Kol Düğmeleri" at Kanal D which ran f17 weeks.


- She was graduated from İstanbul Municipal Music School Department of Singing where she studied Classical Opera.


- She represented Turkey in 1986 in Eurovision contest held in Oslo, Norway as a member of a group named "Klips ve Onlar" with the song "Halley".